6 Awesome Star Wars products you can find at your local Stater Bros. Markets


Are you excited about the new Star Wars movie coming out December 15th? Get even more excited with these awesome products that can be found at your local Stater Bros. Markets PLUS it’s a great for the Star Wars fans in your family.

  1. The juices that all kids.. and adult.. like. Storm Trooper heads– that’s right fans. IMG_0076
  2. These are definitely the droids you are looking for– especially if they are in a macaroni & cheese shaped form. IMG_E0080
  3. No way! Limited edition Campbell’s soup cans??? IMG_0079IMG_E0081
  4. Fruit flavored snacks!IMG_0077
  5. GoGurt Yogurt IMG_0082
  6. Star Wars Cheez-It IMG_E0083

When the time comes to go grocery shopping– May the force be with you. LOL.

Have you found any more Star Wars products in the stores? Comment below! We are on a scavenger hunt to make this list grow!



Finding Dory Raises Questions

In excitement for watching “Finding Dory”, I watched “Finding Nemo” with my 8 month old son. After watching Crush and Squirt (sea turtles) talk with Marlin and Dory, I began to wonder if sea turtles really do swim in the East Australian Current.

I had the privilege to ask Dr. Stephen Dunbar, a professor at Loma Linda University School of Medicine department of earth and biological sciences, about this topic for an article piece called “Finding sea turtles: a green sea turtle’s view“. I found out, yes, there is such a thing as the EAC, although it’s not like a vacuum tunnel as portrayed in the movie. The current is moved by trade winds that occur in the Pacific westerly and easterly plus the Coriolis Effect due to earth’s rotation.


Sadly, in reality, baby sea turtles don’t have a family to be with, instead they find their way back to the ocean by themselves. Baby sea turtles are immediately self-sufficient with no parental care and they don’t go with their siblings.

In the movie, the sea turtles are swimming together in hundreds, however, they do not do this in real life. They are individualistic creatures.

I also found out that turtles like Crush and Squirt are green sea turtles and they eat sea grass sometimes even injured lobsters, so Marlin and Dory were definitely lucky they didn’t eat them after they were injured by the jellies. Surprisingly enough, sea turtles can protect themselves from other preys by turning sideways and making themselves look bigger.

The most important question is…

Do sea turtles live to be 100 or 150 years old?

The answer is unknown because there is no possible way to find out.

So, go to Disneyland’s Turtle Talk with Crush and make sure you ask Crush questions about his sea life! It is just Toooootalllyyyyy Sweeeeeeet!



“Frozen Fever” before live-action film “Cinderella” March 13

Let’s get two birds with one stone… or so the saying goes. Walt Disney Disney Studios released a sneak peek of the new “Frozen” short, titled “Frozen Fever,” that will feature before Disney’s live-action movie “Cinderella,” coming out on March 13.

Official “Cinderella” Movie Poster

The story goes it has been a few months after “Frozen,” and they are celebrating Anna’s birthday. The plot will revolve around a cold Elsa catches that complicates the festivities. Watch “Frozen” Directors’ Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee give a behind the scenes look at “Frozen Fever”:

Not only am I excited about the new “Cinderella” movie coming out, but this is pretty interesting. I’ll admit I’m a bit tired from seeing “Frozen” everywhere…every..where, but I’m interested.

Who is going to see “Cinderella” in theaters?

Disney’s “Moana” Polynesian Movie Sets Sail for 2016

The movie takes place 2,000 years ago in Oceania, and “Moana” is about a 14-year-old Moana Waialiki completing her parents’ quest to find a fabled island in the Pacific Ocean.

She comes across sea creatures and other beings, including her hero, Maui, a legendary demi-god. “Moana” is co-written and directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, best known for “Aladdin,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “The Princess And The Frog”, with help from New Zealand actor and screenwriter Taika Waititi.

The movie is set to come out 2016, but the cast for Moana, is still available!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is confirmed to be the new role as the voice of Maui, a Hawaiian demi-god.

Disney Legend Robin Williams Passes Away but Continues to Live On

It was only yesterday that I found out that Robin Williams had passed away, age 63, he committed suicide and one of the leading cause was depression. I’m still processing the news and it’s shocking– I’ve watched the movies he made and he had is always an inspiration to me. I believe his genuine love to help others and make others laugh can be felt through his work from “Patch Adams”, “Hook”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, and of course, as Genie in “Aladdin”.

Photo from our friends at Discovering The Magic Kingdom: An Unofficial Disneyland Vacation Guide

I wonder what had happened to make him leave this world and only wished that there was something I could’ve done. Depression is a very hard enemy to fight, it’s not physical or tangible, even though there may be someone there, often times it is in the inner level of a person that is the biggest struggle.  

To the Robin Williams’ family and friends, I’m so sorry for your loss, Robin Williams is a true legend and his legacy will live on. I hope that Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California will plan a tribute to Robin Williams, a genuine kind individual. Genie would say, “you’ve never had a friend like me” and he’s right– I’ve never had a friend like Robin Williams who has been a part of my life and will continue to be a part of my life and continue on through my future kids.

Do you think they should pay a tribute to Robin Williams? If so, how do you think they should? Let us know below, and thank you. 

The Avengers 2: Age Age of Ultron Business Debate

Are you ready for the next Avengers movies?

Joss Whedon’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron debuts Friday- May 1, 2015. Personally, I feel that this movie will be another big hit for Disney, and it ‘s going to be a very busy year for theaters with Star Wars Episode VII which comes out December 18, 2015 and many other movies along the way.

There is some debate in the business world regarding the marketing tactics that Disney is administrating, whether giving these sneak peeks of the new movie is a good idea since almost everyone knows when Avengers 2 is coming out and is already expecting it. However, I believe what Disney is doing is smart.

The marketing tactic is not just about letting the world know about the next movie, but it allows them to use the different characters like Captain America and sell their products in their stores. Get their audience excited and prepared to experience the movie and also use the movies that are already out there and play them over. The movie industry connects with the sales industry and all the money still goes to the same pot— Mickey Mouse’s hands.

Feel free to take the poll below and if you know any news of the movie, comment below..

11 Companies Chosen for Disney Accelerator Program

How exciting! Disney announced the 11 startups that will participate in the Disney Accelerator program.

The 11 companies selected to participate in the Disney Accelerator program are:

  • Buzzstarter: billed as the world’s first scalable, programmatic content-marketing platform
  • ChoreMonster: web and mobile platform that makes chores fun for kids and turns parents into superheroes
  • Codarica: provides a kid-focused introduction to world of computer programming with help from characters Cody Coder and Holly Hacker
  • Cogo: provides video monetization solutions for content creators
  • Jogg: lets users gather, edit and share video and other content from their devices
  • Sphero: develops a “connected play” system that lets users create robots controlled with a smart device
  • Sidelines: sources high-quality online discussions from a team of 400-plus experts, and distributes these discussions to publishers based on relevance
  • SnowShoe: created an interactive-play system with “magical” pieces of plastic that interact with touchscreens to create a bridge between physical items and digital content
  • Twigtale: provides parents with personalized expert advice for major childhood transitions
  • TYFFON: an entertainment app-development company and creator of the ZombieBooth series with more than 25 million total downloads
  • Ubooly: a learning toy that talks and listens to kids that can be customized to know a child’s name, teach lessons and more.

The Disney Accelerator companies will meet with mentors regularly and work to expand business plans, product launches, marketing campaigns and formulate long-term strategies.

Best of luck to each of these startups! I can’t wait to see what each have to offer.