6 Awesome Star Wars products you can find at your local Stater Bros. Markets


Are you excited about the new Star Wars movie coming out December 15th? Get even more excited with these awesome products that can be found at your local Stater Bros. Markets PLUS it’s a great for the Star Wars fans in your family.

  1. The juices that all kids.. and adult.. like. Storm Trooper heads– that’s right fans. IMG_0076
  2. These are definitely the droids you are looking for– especially if they are in a macaroni & cheese shaped form. IMG_E0080
  3. No way! Limited edition Campbell’s soup cans??? IMG_0079IMG_E0081
  4. Fruit flavored snacks!IMG_0077
  5. GoGurt Yogurt IMG_0082
  6. Star Wars Cheez-It IMG_E0083

When the time comes to go grocery shopping– May the force be with you. LOL.

Have you found any more Star Wars products in the stores? Comment below! We are on a scavenger hunt to make this list grow!



Finding Dory Raises Questions

In excitement for watching “Finding Dory”, I watched “Finding Nemo” with my 8 month old son. After watching Crush and Squirt (sea turtles) talk with Marlin and Dory, I began to wonder if sea turtles really do swim in the East Australian Current.

I had the privilege to ask Dr. Stephen Dunbar, a professor at Loma Linda University School of Medicine department of earth and biological sciences, about this topic for an article piece called “Finding sea turtles: a green sea turtle’s view“. I found out, yes, there is such a thing as the EAC, although it’s not like a vacuum tunnel as portrayed in the movie. The current is moved by trade winds that occur in the Pacific westerly and easterly plus the Coriolis Effect due to earth’s rotation.


Sadly, in reality, baby sea turtles don’t have a family to be with, instead they find their way back to the ocean by themselves. Baby sea turtles are immediately self-sufficient with no parental care and they don’t go with their siblings.

In the movie, the sea turtles are swimming together in hundreds, however, they do not do this in real life. They are individualistic creatures.

I also found out that turtles like Crush and Squirt are green sea turtles and they eat sea grass sometimes even injured lobsters, so Marlin and Dory were definitely lucky they didn’t eat them after they were injured by the jellies. Surprisingly enough, sea turtles can protect themselves from other preys by turning sideways and making themselves look bigger.

The most important question is…

Do sea turtles live to be 100 or 150 years old?

The answer is unknown because there is no possible way to find out.

So, go to Disneyland’s Turtle Talk with Crush and make sure you ask Crush questions about his sea life! It is just Toooootalllyyyyy Sweeeeeeet!



New Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Shanghai Disneyland


Argh matey! There be tales to be told. Aye and that tale is the new Pirates of Caribbean ride at Shanghai Disneyland. Check out the video below:

Shaghai Disneyland will be the first Disney park with a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed land.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

According to The Verge, “Disneyland Shanghai isn’t scheduled to open until mid-June”, but the bar has been raised for other parks to start incorporating digital effects.

Will this themed park make you want to visit Shanghai Disneyland? How would you like to go on this ride?


Shop at Disney Stores and Make Money!


I wanted to share this little secret with everyone about my shopping habits. I’m a sucker for the Disney Store (go figures, right?) well, I found a way to get money back from shopping there and take advantage of using my Disney Chase rewards card, which is free btw, get a 10% discount from the rewards card if it’s a purchase of over $50, plus the rewards money from every $100 spent, and get back 3% on top of that! How?


I shop online using EBATES and I thought it was a scam or something, but I tried it out and I seriously did receive cash back. It comes in form of a check that is mailed to your address. If I were you, I’d definitely do this, it saves money when you shop at various stores, click here to register for EBATES to start earning some cash back from your shopping. I also think that if you have a credit card that gives back a certain percentage you will benefit from this as well too!

I’ve used this for other stores to like Groupon which already gives you a discount and on eBay too. Every little bit of money counts especially when it’s going towards a Disney vacation!!! HAHA! Anyways, I’d just thought I’d share this information. Thanks.

“Frozen Fever” before live-action film “Cinderella” March 13

Let’s get two birds with one stone… or so the saying goes. Walt Disney Disney Studios released a sneak peek of the new “Frozen” short, titled “Frozen Fever,” that will feature before Disney’s live-action movie “Cinderella,” coming out on March 13.

Official “Cinderella” Movie Poster

The story goes it has been a few months after “Frozen,” and they are celebrating Anna’s birthday. The plot will revolve around a cold Elsa catches that complicates the festivities. Watch “Frozen” Directors’ Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee give a behind the scenes look at “Frozen Fever”:

Not only am I excited about the new “Cinderella” movie coming out, but this is pretty interesting. I’ll admit I’m a bit tired from seeing “Frozen” everywhere…every..where, but I’m interested.

Who is going to see “Cinderella” in theaters?

New Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants ft. Children of Villains and Heroes

Who are they?

Image Credit: Bob D’Amico/DISNEY CHANNEL

Disney Channel has a new original movie called Descendants a live-action starring the children of well known villains, heroes, and heroines of Disney stories.This entertainment on the big screen is suppose to be a musical adventure comedy coming out in 2014. According to Entertainment Weekly, the kingdom’s worst villains are exiled to the Isle of the Lost, a remote prison cut off from the world.

After 20 years, Ben, the son of Belle and the Beast, and heir apparent to the throne has a different idea in mind— to free the children of the villains and offer redemption. The main four on the show are Mal (Dove Cameron), Jay (Booboo Stewart), Evie (Sofia Carson) and Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and they attend a prep school where they meet other children but on the Disney heroes side including Mulan’s daughter Lonnie, Cinderella’s son Chad, and Dopey’s son Doug.

The show sounds very familiar to the idea of the cartoon of “Happily Ever After High” that also have the children of well known villains and heroes like Cinderella, Snow White, The Huntsman, and the Evil Queen.

This show is a web series and  a fashion doll franchise released by Mattel in July 2013. Which I’m sure you’ve seen the dolls around at Walmart or Toys R Us. However, I’m excited that Disney is embracing this idea of the children of villains and heroes and making it official… as I always like to say, “If it’s not Disney, it’s not good” and that’s that.

So, do you think the children of the villains will follow their parents’ footsteps or perhaps the children of the Disney heroes will fall and become a villain? Comment below and give us your thoughts…

Disneyland Prices Increases and Suspends SoCal Annual Passes

Disney has raised prices of the single day tickets from $92 to $96 and the cost of a Disneyland/Disney California Adventure Park-Hopper shooting up to $150 from $137 for adults.

Disney also bumped up prices for SoCal Select by $10 to $289, Deluxe by $20 to $519, Premium by $30 to $699, and Premier by $50 to $1,029

The price for parking also rose from $16 to $17.

Disney has also suspended any new sales of its SoCal Annual Passport, however, those who currently hold a SoCal pass and those whose passes expired in the last three months may still renew.

Media Relations Director Suzi Brown says, “Like any business, we periodically evaluate our pricing and make adjustments based on a variety of factors,” and “A ticket to our theme parks represents a great value, particularly when you look at the breadth and quality of attractions and entertainment we offer and the special moments guests experience with our cast…Due to the popularity of our Annual Pass Program — and to preserve the Guest experience for our Annual Passholders and all Guests — future sales of all Annual Passes will be subject to availability.”

This reminds me that in a few days, Disney will have their 24 Hour Event from 6:00 AM to 6:00 AM, May 23 to May 24, 2014, the celebration of “Rock Your Disney Side” will take place. Which means lots of $$$$$$$$$$ for Disney whether through ticket sales or through the price of parking.

What do you think of the increase? Does this affect you?