Shop at Disney Stores and Make Money!


I wanted to share this little secret with everyone about my shopping habits. I’m a sucker for the Disney Store (go figures, right?) well, I found a way to get money back from shopping there and take advantage of using my Disney Chase rewards card, which is free btw, get a 10% discount from the rewards card if it’s a purchase of over $50, plus the rewards money from every $100 spent, and get back 3% on top of that! How?


I shop online using EBATES and I thought it was a scam or something, but I tried it out and I seriously did receive cash back. It comes in form of a check that is mailed to your address. If I were you, I’d definitely do this, it saves money when you shop at various stores, click here to register for EBATES to start earning some cash back from your shopping. I also think that if you have a credit card that gives back a certain percentage you will benefit from this as well too!

I’ve used this for other stores to like Groupon which already gives you a discount and on eBay too. Every little bit of money counts especially when it’s going towards a Disney vacation!!! HAHA! Anyways, I’d just thought I’d share this information. Thanks.


May-leficent Giveaway: Win $200, Maleficent Mouse Ear Band, and More!!!

My Disney Cloud has teamed up with several travel agents and some Disney bloggers to bring you this great opportunity to win some of the prizes below:

FIRST Prize: WIN $200 and an official Disney Maleficent T-Shirt!

SECOND Prize: Maleficent Ear Band, 2 Movie Tickets, and $25 Disney Gift Card

THIRD Prize: $25 Disney Gift Card


MaleficentclickRemember, you do not have to “like” all the pages, it is solely up to you whether “like” them or not. Enjoy!

MAD March Giveaway!

MyDisneyCloud is joining with other Disney sites on a Mad March giveaway.

This giveaway is different than any other giveaway as guests can “Mad March” through one site and into another site to earn more points for the giveaway.

Start off at MyDisneyCloud and you end up going through 10 different Disney sites all earning more points… but wait there’s more! MyDisneyCloud and these sites will have secret codes posted on their Facebook page from time to time only to be used on their giveaway rafflecopter page.

Begin your journey now! Click on the March Hare image below!


The fun is just beginning

MyDisneyCloud’s Limited Time Magic “True Love” Magic Mix & GIVEAWAY!

Releasing later this afternoon around 2:30pm, MyDisneyCloud continues to celebrate the “Limited Time Magic” with releases of magic mixes on MyDisneyCloud’s SoundCloud. This next one is using all classics and original songs from Disney movies.

MyDisneyCloud wants to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with lots of Disney love with some great Disney movies new and old.

Real love.

I will be posting the link on here as soon as it is released.

The giveaway prize is a Tinker Bell Swarovski with Pearl pendant ($35 value) and the giveaway will be on MyDisneyCloud’s Facebook page at where we’ll the “True Love Magic Mix” will be released on there as well and the first person who comments on the post that tells us:

  1. Name of the Song
  2. Movie or Short the song was from
  3. Year of the Movie or Short

…will be the winner of the lovely Tinker Bell pendant!

Have a safe and fun Valentine’s Day and stay tuned for MyDisneyCloud’s new magic mix!

MyDisneyCloud’s True Love Magic Mix:


What’s “Year of the Ear” without Disney Music to Rock with those Ears?

MyDisneyCloud is so thrilled to announce that we will be celebrating with Disney and their “Limited Time Magic” for the year 2013 with some of our own special “Magic Mix” music soundtracks, new ones will be released throughout the year, every new month or even twice a month. The mixes will be uploaded on our official MyDisneyCloud SoundCloud on so you can download, share, and listen for your enjoyment.

Are you excited? We are!


So, without further ado, to the followers on here is MyDisneyCloud’s

“New Year Magic Mix”

Happy New Ear!