6 Awesome Star Wars products you can find at your local Stater Bros. Markets


Are you excited about the new Star Wars movie coming out December 15th? Get even more excited with these awesome products that can be found at your local Stater Bros. Markets PLUS it’s a great for the Star Wars fans in your family.

  1. The juices that all kids.. and adult.. like. Storm Trooper heads– that’s right fans. IMG_0076
  2. These are definitely the droids you are looking for– especially if they are in a macaroni & cheese shaped form. IMG_E0080
  3. No way! Limited edition Campbell’s soup cans??? IMG_0079IMG_E0081
  4. Fruit flavored snacks!IMG_0077
  5. GoGurt Yogurt IMG_0082
  6. Star Wars Cheez-It IMG_E0083

When the time comes to go grocery shopping– May the force be with you. LOL.

Have you found any more Star Wars products in the stores? Comment below! We are on a scavenger hunt to make this list grow!



Shop at Disney Stores and Make Money!


I wanted to share this little secret with everyone about my shopping habits. I’m a sucker for the Disney Store (go figures, right?) well, I found a way to get money back from shopping there and take advantage of using my Disney Chase rewards card, which is free btw, get a 10% discount from the rewards card if it’s a purchase of over $50, plus the rewards money from every $100 spent, and get back 3% on top of that! How?


I shop online using EBATES and I thought it was a scam or something, but I tried it out and I seriously did receive cash back. It comes in form of a check that is mailed to your address. If I were you, I’d definitely do this, it saves money when you shop at various stores, click here to register for EBATES to start earning some cash back from your shopping. I also think that if you have a credit card that gives back a certain percentage you will benefit from this as well too!

I’ve used this for other stores to like Groupon which already gives you a discount and on eBay too. Every little bit of money counts especially when it’s going towards a Disney vacation!!! HAHA! Anyways, I’d just thought I’d share this information. Thanks.

Disney stores open within J.C. Penney! Lower cost and exclusive Disney merchandise!

On Friday, J.C. Penney Co. (NYSE:JCP)shares dropped to a 13-year low, but the company announced some major plans to sell shares in an effort to raise approximately $932 million.

The plan that definitely hits Disney fans is that J.C. Penny stores will not only have private labels on the clothes, but two new in-store shops Giggle Baby and the other, is Disney.

Disney store within a store

J.C. Penney stores look to market to kids by creating exclusive in-store shops for Disney. Another great news is that Disney DISdesigned products with prices “slightly below” those in Disney store.

Disney designs on the display and products for sale!

Disney and Giggle Baby shops will officially be in 560+ Penney stores in early October, but check out your local J.C. Penney stores cause you never know, it might already be open like the one in Redlands, California– Citrus Plaza. You might also get a kids catalog in the next 18 months or so that will remind you to check out this new area.

Disney Cars merchandise