“Pirates of the Caribbean” producer jumps off Disney ship!

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer ended the 22 year partnership with Walt Disney Company on September 20th.

Johnny Depp and Jerry Bruckheimer

Bruckheimer’s deal will not be renewed with Walt Disney Studios when it expires in 2014. He is famous for movies like “The Rock”, “Con Air”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Armageddon”, and many Disney productions like “National Treasure” series and our very favorite “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.

(Don’t worry though, he claims that he’ll still help produce “Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Man Tell No Tales” and that he’d like to continue the “National Treasure” series)

Bruckheimer’s most recent picture, “The Lone Ranger,” released July 3, ended up in a flop for Disney and many knew it would be the end of his Disney partnership. Disney has projected it will lose up to $190 million on the film.

“Bruckheimer is looking to produce more mature films outside the scope of the Disney brand,” according to a joint statement from the producer and Disney…which usually means he got canned. Disney’s film studio wants to focus on brands including Disney, Pixar animation, the Marvel superhero franchise, and “Star Wars”.


10 thoughts on ““Pirates of the Caribbean” producer jumps off Disney ship!

  1. I actually enjoyed The Lone Ranger and plan on buying it when it comes out on blu-ray. I’m not saying that it will ever win any rewards, but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the critics said it was. It was so over the top (and yes awful in parts) but it was funny. Not sure if that was the intention, but I think people needed to give it a chance. (I rarely listen to the critics.) Took my dad to see it and even he laughed quite a bit. He did complain that it was nothing like the original TV series, but so what? It’s make believe and good fun. Much better than some of the other garbage out there.

  2. aww this is quite a bummer! i hope they keep the pirates of the caribbean top notch even if he wont direct it anymore! i’m relieved to find out that he’ll still help produce though. wishing him the best of luck! he’s amazing!

  3. Are they really going to come out with a new Nation Treasure? I wonder what they’ll base it around now? At least Disney has Joss Whedon on their side for Marvel.

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