This Could Affect You– Disney Creates New Disability Program!!

Beginning next month, Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort no longer allows visitors with disabilities instant access to rides, why? It is all thanks to those who have abused the policy— Disney visitors were able to get guest assistance card to get quicker access to rides, either by entering through exit doors or by bypassing the main lines.

While researching a book, a social researcher, found out that some wealthy park visitors were hiring disabled people to pretend to be family members so they could skip lines.

Why can’t disabled guests show proof of disability and just keep doing what they are doing? Well, confidentiality laws prohibit pertinent questions to be asked, Disney has worked with disability groups, such as Autism Speaks, to develop this new process.

It has been rumored that starting October 9th, guests with a new disability access card will be issued a ticket with a time to enter an attraction, so they don’t have to stay in line– much like a fastpass… but not.

How is it different? Well, FastPasses are issues a limited number per hour for certain attractions, but guests using the new disability card would get a return time based on the actual wait time for the ride.

Disney will release more details of the program as soon as we get closer to October 9th.

UPDATE: Info on the new program can be found on the Disney Parks site at


What do you think of Disney’s new program? Will this affect you? Comment below.



4 thoughts on “This Could Affect You– Disney Creates New Disability Program!!

  1. Yes, I need to know. I did use the pass. Bad knee and can’t stand for long periods in line. Funny, I’m arriving on oct 9th.. Hopefully it will wk out for me. Pleased keep me informed. Thank you.. So sorry some smart ass had to ruin it for some of us who really need the extra TLC …. Thank you. Leslie

    • I know right, it’s very unfortunate.. I’ll see what I can find out and let you know. I believe they are still planning and training the employees on the new program, as October 9th comes around there will be more news about it.

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