Parks Chief Thomas Staggs is Promoted! Will He Become the Next CEO?

No way! no way! no way!!! In a good way.

According to Reuters, Walt Disney Company named Thomas Staggs, the head of its theme parks and resorts unit, as chief operating officer of the company on Thursday.

He is in the lead to succeed Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger in 2018.The 63-year-old Iger, who has led Disney to record profits, recently extended his contract for a second time through June 2018.

Staggs is 54 years old and is a 25-year veteran of Disney and previously served as CFO. He expanded Disney’s California Adventure and oversees the Shanghai theme park that will open next year. He also introduced the well-known technology, MyMagic+ wireless wristbands, helping guests plan their visit, act as their pass, and pay for Disney merchandise easier and more efficiently.

There was no comment on Chief Financial Officer Jay Rasulo’s future, who is another candidate to become CEO.


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