MDC Fans Support “Up” themed House

Creative and inspiring… Disney “Up” themed homeowners’ Neighbors don’t think so…

In Santa Clara, California, the homeowners who are Hosam Haggog and Fatima Rahman paints their historical Victorian home like Disney Pixar’s “Up” house. Disney fans know this house as the one that Carl and Ellie lived in and the one that is carried away by balloons. My Disney Cloud fans love the idea of the new renovation. While Haggog and Rahman’s neighbors thing the opposite, stating that they have destroyed a historical home and that is looks like a clown (Yahoo).

(Pixar, NBC Bay Area/Facebook)

Haggog and Rahman spent the last 2 years renovating their 4 bedroom 2 bath home, bought for $415,000 the estimated value with the new renovations is $800,000 (Zillow). The couple wanted to give the house a makeover for their two children who are 18 months and 3 years old because they love the movie “Up” and thought it would be fun.

My Disney Cloud fan, Amy Tomala, says “I have would have nothing wrong with it. If I lived next door to this house waking up and looking out the window each morning seeing all those bright colors would just make me Happy even if it was a rainy day those colors would still make me Happy.” The majority of the neighbors are apparently not Disney fans, but according to Santa Clara historian Lorie Garcia, the couple is technically not breaking any rules, as long as they maintain the historical integrity of the home it is fine which worries their neighbors, many of whom want to preserve the classic feeling of the street. Garcia says, “To be fair, when the family bought the home, it was in pretty poor condition”, and even My Disney Cloud fan, Judy Jones, states, “Sure, I think it’s cute. Originally homes of this style in the Victorian era were painted in many colors. People can be such stick in the MUDs.”

Homeowners in the Old Quad neighborhood do not need a permit to repaint their houses, but in the case of renovations, they must apply for a permit by presenting their ideas to the city’s Historical & Landmarks Commission at a meeting where neighbors within 300 feet of the home are given an opportunity to voice their opinions. This did not happen for the “Up” home, but went straight to the city’s planning department, where they got the project approved and permits issued without consulting the commission. Now the Santa Clara city council is rewriting the preservation ordinance, addressing paint colors for houses. Another My Disney Cloud fan, Amy Hall, has stated what many believe, “They own their home so they should be able to do what they want”.

My Disney Cloud fan, Judy Gale says, “I love it!! I would be proud to have it in my neighborhood and I would live in it in a heartbeat!” Rahman says “We’re not trying to create controversy… We’re trying to build a home for our daughters and our family. And that’s what our intention was.”

It is unanimous; My Disney Cloud fans from all over the world support the renovation, one fan even offered to bake cookies if they were neighbors, “I built a Victorian and love them. They did a great job on this and I LOVE IT!! Move next to me anytime and I will bake u cookies” offers Cindy Samm.

More approvals:

Love this and the smiles it brings” – Rebecca Cook


“I think it’s well done and I’d love to see it in my neighborhood. Too Fun :)” – Brian McDaniel

Totally cool with it. I would think it would make it easier to direct people to your own home then.” – Mary Venzke-Robles

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2 thoughts on “MDC Fans Support “Up” themed House

  1. I love this house! I am sorry that the neighbors cannot support something so beautiful and whimsical. It’s not as if they’re recreating one of the trash scenes from Wall-E like my neighbors seem to be doing! 🙂

  2. I like it. I know a house in my area that is orange, yellow and black. It’s awful. That can come look at that house, then look at this house, lol. Love it!

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