“Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade” Debuts at Magic Kingdom Park

Walt Disney World debuted Festival of Fantasy Parade at the Magic Kingdom on Sunday and from what I see.. It looks spectacular and I can only hope it comes to Disneyland in Anaheim.


“Main Street’s so much bigger here than California too, so when we start designing things it’s really about how do we get the biggest impact, how do we get in a sense the biggest smiles and the biggest crowd reactions,” said Imagineer Steve Davison.

The parade’s development started three years ago with the creation of the concepts and then the planning as well as building.

The score for the Festival of Fantasy Parade is none other than the composer of the score for Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, Mark Hammond (smart move Disney!). I found out that the Magic Kingdom’s sound system is upgraded with better equipment and more zones which means better sound quality.

From what I see, the visuals are so attractive that with the score.. I wish I could experience it.The Imagineers make it so that the parade conveys small stories that are 2 minutes long. The famous characters of many favorites are apparent and you can tell that the Imagineers tried there best to make not one favorite stand out more than the other.

“Alice in Wonderland” nearly became a main feature in the parade. Aurora was also at one time considered to be included in the “Sleeping Beauty” unit, fast asleep, but cut as well. And the “Frozen” characters that do appear in the parade were among the last to be added following due to the success of the film

Guests are encouraged to come back to see the many details that are included within the parade, and who knows, you might find something that you didn’t see before.

And finally here’s the famous Maleficent fire-breathing dragon in the parade…