Disney’s Frozen Review *SPOILER ALERT*


My fiance took me to see Frozen 5 days before the release date (November 27, 2013) at the El Capitan Theater and VIP seating.

We waited in line and the building was just magnificently adorned and on the inside there was fake snow covering the concession stands. For the VIPs we were given a souvenir Frozen bucket filled with freshly popped popcorn and a drink.

We were ushered to our reserved seats and then it began…

El Capitan had a special feature of an organist playing and ice sculpture pros on stage.

Here’s Princess Anna and Elsa introducing the movie on the big screen:

The animated film, Frozen, portrays two Princesses born differently but love each other greatly. Princess Elsa has the magic powers to control ice and snow whereas Princess Anna has no magic– the two young Princesses were playing with snow and ice when by accident Princess Anna was struck in the head with ice by her sister. The King and Queen with Elsa rush Anna to some trolls and they warn the family about Elsa’s powers. Princess Elsa out of fear of hurting her sister shuts herself from Anna and isolates herself in her room and the two begin to slowly drift apart.

The day comes when Elsa is going to be coronated as Queen, and Anna can’t help but feel excited to finally have a place where there will be people. Anna daydreams about falling in love and like many of the fairytales she meets a handsome Prince, Prince Hans of the Southern Isles.

The Prince asks for Anna’s hand in marriage even if they had just met, and Anna tells her sister for her blessing, but Elsa will not allow their marriage. Anna pushes her sister until Elsa out of rage creates a blast of ice. Elsa runs off to escape but at the same time creates a terrible winter for the kingdom and Anna begins her quest to bring her sister back to help them stop the frost.

Anna meets Kristoff who sells ice for a living and meets his reindeer/friend named Sven, and they work together to get up the mountain to talk with Elsa. After escaping a pack of wolves they meet Olaf, a snowman who loves warm hugs and wants to experience summer. Olaf, the funny looking snowman, does a superb job in making the movie funny. There’s one part in the movie where Princess Anna asks Kristoff, a mountain man who sells ice for a living, if she looks bad and Kristoff says “no” but Olaf points out loud that he hesitated.

This is one of those movies where I can honestly recommend you to watch. There is a huge twist and lots of humor in it, which I applaud Disney for. The movie does have songs and they are beautifully orchestrated into the film and the movie even starts out with a song.

Frozen captures the beauty of ice and the perils that it can implicate much like the meaning of love. You’ll just have to watch the movie to see what I mean.

Frozen take a huge leap and gets 4 out of 5 Mickeys, I would have liked to see a stronger relationship between Anna and Christophe, but everything else was good. The magic of snow was beautifully captured in the computer graphics and the humor was spot on.