Disney stores open within J.C. Penney! Lower cost and exclusive Disney merchandise!

On Friday, J.C. Penney Co. (NYSE:JCP)shares dropped to a 13-year low, but the company announced some major plans to sell shares in an effort to raise approximately $932 million.

The plan that definitely hits Disney fans is that J.C. Penny stores will not only have private labels on the clothes, but two new in-store shops Giggle Baby and the other, is Disney.

Disney store within a store

J.C. Penney stores look to market to kids by creating exclusive in-store shops for Disney. Another great news is that Disney DISdesigned products with prices “slightly below” those in Disney store.

Disney designs on the display and products for sale!

Disney and Giggle Baby shops will officially be in 560+ Penney stores in early October, but check out your local J.C. Penney stores cause you never know, it might already be open like the one in Redlands, California– Citrus Plaza. You might also get a kids catalog in the next 18 months or so that will remind you to check out this new area.

Disney Cars merchandise


15 thoughts on “Disney stores open within J.C. Penney! Lower cost and exclusive Disney merchandise!

  1. I am lucky enough to live near 2 Disney Stores. But this will put Disney merchandise even closer! My husband might have to block me from our bank account!!!

  2. We just got back from WDW for the first time as parents of 2 little ones. My daughter sobbed when we left…she wants to live there “for forever”! Having a store like this close to home would really help keep the Disney magic alive!

  3. I found this blog because of the gift card giveaway. I don’t buy a lot of Disney merchandise, but this will give me a reason to at least swing by my local JCP and check it out.

  4. My daughter can’t wait. She already knows they have a little, each year. She is going to flip for a whole section.

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