Oz the Great and Powerful stuns Box Office!

Oz the Great and Powerful takes the lead in the Box Office earning $80.3 Million according to the studio which estimated their numbers on Sunday.

This take on “Oz” was directed by original “Spider-Man” trilogy, Sami Raimi, and the movie was a gamble and looks like it might just pay off for Disney. The film reportedly cost $200 million.

Adding icing to the cake, the Oz books written by L. Frank Baum are in the public domain, so Disney didn’t have to secure approval for Oz the Great and Powerful, from the family of the legendary author.

My Review of the Movie (Spoiler Alert):

The movie centered around Oz, a carnival magician, who lands up in the Land of Oz, and finds his confidence in himself as “just a carnival magician”.

However, the movie made me relate more towards the witch Theodore who turns into a Wicked Witch because Oz breaks her heart. So, I have a bit of mixed emotions.

From the beginning I had hoped Oz would’ve been a character I liked… but his personality was just a real jerk! He makes Tony Stark look like a saint lol.

Disney did keep it very familiar with Wizard of Oz as they had the yellow brick road, munchkins, and the fact that most of what was happening in the Land of Oz also happened in his reality.

Anyways, the graphics on the film were wonderful and you can tell it was meant to be seen in 3D with river fairies flying close to the screen and humongous ruby and emerald flowers blooming slowly.

My Rating is: 3 out of 5What would you give?


30 thoughts on “Oz the Great and Powerful stuns Box Office!

    • Hi Jen! Thanks it’s a good prequel to “Wizard of Oz” and made me want to watch the classic “Wizard of Oz” afterwards.
      Use this Secret Code: WIZARD411 in the giveaway!

    • Thanks Melanie, you’re Secret Code is: OZTHEGREAT for the giveaway. I liked it, but it wasn’t on my list of awesome-ness like the Avengers lol. 3D might’ve made a bigger difference. I was impatient and didn’t want to wait to see it in 3D. Have a magical day!

  1. Saw it last night and loved it!! Can’t say I would take my 4 year old to see it, but there were plenty of kids his age and under at a 7pm showing

      • I liked Finley best! China girl was adorable though! Such a great movie and I loved that Bruce Campbell was in it as a Winkie Guard!

    • Hi Heather, the movie was pretty good, I felt bad for the Theodore. Your secret code for the giveaway is YELLOWRIDGEROAD

    • Hi Sean it’s true the visuals are amazing, definitely something to see in Imax or 3D your secret code for the giveaway is CARNIVALRING

  2. I’m hoping to go see the movie this week. I won a set of tickets to see a movie, and I’m choosing this one, especially after getting some unexpected time off. The previews look wonderful. (And I actually LOVE spoilers, makes it all that much more interesting to me.)

    • Hi Rochelle, really you love spoilers? I tried to keep it vague so as not to give you too much lol and I know everyone has their own preferences on how movies should be. Let me know if you liked it! Your secret code for the giveaway is WEEKENDOZ711

  3. Haven’t heard anything good about this movie, but I will judge for myself. I grew up watching the Wizard of OZ so I look forward to seeing this.

  4. I feel as if they got the Wizard pretty much spot on…at least in the aspect of his character in The Wizard of Oz. My only issue was I felt the Wicked Witch’s laugh was too forced…and now I’m terrified of Baboons!

  5. I watched this on Friday morning all by myself. It was so amazing! I took a full page of notes during the movie. I can’t wait for my friends to watch it or to watch it with my friends! I’ve been keeping my mouth shut about it so I don’t spoil it for them. 5/5 Mickeys
    P.S. I love the clouds in the background

  6. Everyone is saying to make sure to watch it in 3D I am excited to go see it even though a lot of my friends have said its not as good as everyone thought it was going to be

  7. I liked the movie, but then I didn’t see Oz as a hero. This version of him has never been portrayed as a great guy (seriously, just think about his character in the original movie). But the story was good & it flowed well with the original imo.

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