“Beauty and the Beast” Live Action Film in the Works?

Disney is currently talking with UK-based writer Joe Ahearne, who is managed by Thruline and Principal Entertainment, to reimagine Beauty and the Beast. Ahearne most recently scripted Trance, the film that Danny Boyle directed.

The Beauty and the Beast will be live action, and with the success of Oz the Great and Powerful will definitely be in 3D.

Disney is calling this film The Beast, and with a film like Trance, which IMDB says is about, “An art auctioneer who has become mixed up with a group of criminals partners with a hypnotherapist in order to recover a lost painting”. The Beast just might be created in a darker tone.

The film will be produced by Mandeville’s David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman and Disney’s LouAnne Brickhouse will steer the project.

Oh! And I almost forgot Emma Watson will star as Belle!!

Do you think Disney will create more live action fairytales from the classics or will use more public domain stories like Wizard of Oz?


Oz the Great and Powerful stuns Box Office!

Oz the Great and Powerful takes the lead in the Box Office earning $80.3 Million according to the studio which estimated their numbers on Sunday.

This take on “Oz” was directed by original “Spider-Man” trilogy, Sami Raimi, and the movie was a gamble and looks like it might just pay off for Disney. The film reportedly cost $200 million.

Adding icing to the cake, the Oz books written by L. Frank Baum are in the public domain, so Disney didn’t have to secure approval for Oz the Great and Powerful, from the family of the legendary author.

My Review of the Movie (Spoiler Alert):

The movie centered around Oz, a carnival magician, who lands up in the Land of Oz, and finds his confidence in himself as “just a carnival magician”.

However, the movie made me relate more towards the witch Theodore who turns into a Wicked Witch because Oz breaks her heart. So, I have a bit of mixed emotions.

From the beginning I had hoped Oz would’ve been a character I liked… but his personality was just a real jerk! He makes Tony Stark look like a saint lol.

Disney did keep it very familiar with Wizard of Oz as they had the yellow brick road, munchkins, and the fact that most of what was happening in the Land of Oz also happened in his reality.

Anyways, the graphics on the film were wonderful and you can tell it was meant to be seen in 3D with river fairies flying close to the screen and humongous ruby and emerald flowers blooming slowly.

My Rating is: 3 out of 5What would you give?

MAD March Giveaway!

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Disneyland’s Fantasyland Faire Experience

Now entering… Fantasyland Faire at Disneyland

Panoramic shot of Fantasyland Faire

Fantasyland Faire at Disneyland was an overall great experience.

Fantasyland Faire buildings

I did like how there was so much detail in every building, from Rapunzel’s tower to the owl post carving.

Besides meeting the Princesses at the Royal Hall.

which I thought each scenery of where you met the Princesses would change, so if you met Ariel she would have her trinkets and treasure chests around her or

Ceiling inside the Royal Hall

Like Cinderella she would have a backdrop of the castle or some white drapery going on, but instead it was a fluid setting as shown in the images above and below.

My boyfriend, Cinderella, and I

One of the best parts of Fantasyland Faire were the snacks at Maurice’s Treat and they had the Boysen Apple Freeze in stein or goblet mugs for $9.99 which was sold first at Walt Disney World’s New Fantasyland.

Maurice’s Treats have some tasty twisty snacks and delicious drinks.

Boysen Apple Freeze

The Royal Theater was amazing! The cast were funny and very enthusiastic. The only downside, was where we sat… in the Middle, so don’t sit in the middle seats or else you’ll have a pole in the way of the show.

Don’t ever sit in the middle!

All the music was down by piano which was amazing, just like in a real theater setting.

Piano at the Theater

The narrators and hosts of the Royal Theater were fit for the parts they played in the theater and kept the audience laughing. The play was based on the storytelling of the Princess’ story like Tangled or Beauty and the Beast that day, each show changed– we had the storytelling of Tangled.

Ruffians at the Snuggly Duckling

Rapunzel and Flynn stuck in water in a cave…

“I See the Light”

Flynn and Rapunzel

I left feeling happy and very pleased, I do recommend going to Fantasyland Faire if you have kids that love Princesses, if not, I would definitely recommend going to the Royal Theater to see the story of the Princesses. It was surprisingly funny and kept me engaged into the show.