Season of Christmas Cheer! I’ll Send You a Christmas Card for Free.


During the season, I want to thank all our fans and supporters for being there for

In this modern world, technology is taking over, no more snail mails with invites or letters that you can physically open and pull a card out from. The idea is becoming obsolete. Now, there are e-mails and facebook messages, phone texts even… well, I want to bring back the joy of opening a letter during the Christmas season.

Let me know if you’d like a card from MyDIsneyCloud Jenny by e-mailing me your name and address at, and I’ll send you a card! I promise I will not share your information to anyone because I know the feeling of having my information being sold and it’s totally not cool. You’ll also get my mailing address so you can mail me back, if you’d like.

Write to me about your adventures, your wishes for Christmas, your New Year’s resolution, and I’ll respond back with an additional letter in response.

Thank you and have a very…


With Lots of Love,

Jenny Chan


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