Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2012

Thanksgiving day for the year 2012 has passed and it was a major relief. The turkey was cut and the leftovers are now being shoved on our plates for the next week or so. When Thanksgiving comes so does Black Friday and I had the pleasure (as much as it can be) of joining the mobs in the battle for gifts. There were some great deals but it was mostly for those who want to buy a TV or laptops… iPads.. those were the deals that count.

I did see people with bags of Disney items coming out of the Disney Store, but I wasn’t able to make it there, which I was disappointed. In any case, my thoughts for these events, they are great for just having fun and hanging out with family, but it shouldn’t be some stressful event where you’re going to fight over a toy or curse people out (yes, that happened to me).


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