“Electric Holiday” Barneys & Disney Reaction Blog

When Barneys New York unveiled their “Electric Holiday” with high fashion on Disney characters, there was a huge controversial issue about making the Disney characters skinny. In fact, many people called the revised Minnie— Skinny Minnie!

Wednesday Night, Nov. 14, 2012, Barneys and Disney released a collaborative short video that I thought was a means to the end of the controversy. Minnie Mouse is looking at a dress displayed in a shop window and dreams of being a high fashion supermodel along with several of her friends including Mickey, Goofy, Cruella, Snow White, and even Princess Tiana.

Photo Credit: thewindow.barneys.com

There are also several stars that appear cartoon-style like Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker along with notable guests like fashion critics and the producers of the show.

As Minnie Mouse is prepared to go on the runway, Tinkerbell waves her magical wand and creates a curtain-like transforming entrance where the characters are seen as themselves behind curtain and then turn into a “supermodel”, which to me, they look more humanistic.

Afterwards Minnie Mouse is seen again at the shop window and Mickey is holding out a newly bought clothes bag, Minnie Mouse kisses him and they walk off together. The closing scene Minnie Mouse is wearing the dress she saw at the shop and looking at herself in the mirror– smiling happily.

I believe that Barneys and Disney did come out with a collaborative view on the short video. I didn’t see anything wrong with Minnie Mouse’s dream and of Tinkerbell transforming them because although we hate to admit it, it’s true, there are only skinny and tall supermodels on the runway.

Still, Minnie Mouse fits her character when she is dreaming about being a supermodel and also when she is not a supermodel. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about being something you’re not, but at the end of the day, you have to remember to always love yourself.

Check it out:

What do you think of the short video?


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