Disney Holiday Parade 2012– $100 Giveaway, photo contest, and toy drive!

It’s almost Christmas time and we want to help bring smiles to children and make their day just amazing, we’ve teamed up with Scrooge McDuck Charity Fund on FirstGiving.org to help donate to Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, and at the same time provide a fun giveaway for you in our efforts to raise funds for toys for the kids.

Helping the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

We are thrilled to create the first annual Disney Holiday Parade 2012 with some amazing bloggers, travel agents, Disney-themed store owners, and Disney fans, where you can submit the “Best Holiday Decor” photo and parade them on Disney Seasonal Celebrations group at and get the most “Likes” in order to win. There is also more ways to win by using the Rafflecopter bonus.

Oh and DID YOU KNOW? You can only submit 1(one) photo, if there are multiple photos submitted they will be automatically deleted.

  • 1st Place: $50 (Toy Fund < $100) or $100 (Toy Fund > $100) Visa Gift Card
  • 2nd Place: MAGICAL MOUSE SCHOOLHOUSE book & Disney prize pack
  • 3rd Place: 1 Peace Love Mouse Car Decal & 1 Walt Life Car Decal
  • and 2 Honorary Awards

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Special Thanks to MyDisneyCloud.com and Disney Fan Addicts!

We are not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company but is created by wonderful people with the Holiday spirit that want to help charity organizations during the Holiday season. Winners will be announced Dec. 25, 2012. Many thanks for your support — and don’t forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate and have win prizes too!


Pure Gold Disney Christmas Tree

Don’t know what kind of tree you’re going to put up for Christmas this year? No problem, how about a pure gold Christmas tree with famous Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Tink?

Photo Credit: Japantoday.com

In downtown Tokyo, a jewelry store, has pure gold revolving tree in Disney characters made of 88 pounds of pure gold, standing about 8 feet high and 3 feet in diameter.

Decorated with pure gold-plate silhouette cutouts of 50 popular Disney characters and draped with ribbons made of gold leaf.

How much?  it’s only $4.2 million (350 million yen).

It is the ornaments that make it unique and special, Tomoko Ishibashi, in the marketing department of Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry, which runs the Ginza Tanaka jewelry store says,

Right now gold is over 4,400 yen per gram. We used pure gold and had an expert craftsman form each Disney character by hand, which took 10 craftsmen two months to complete.

This is one serious Christmas tree and I’ve got $20 saved so far hahahaha.

Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2012

Thanksgiving day for the year 2012 has passed and it was a major relief. The turkey was cut and the leftovers are now being shoved on our plates for the next week or so. When Thanksgiving comes so does Black Friday and I had the pleasure (as much as it can be) of joining the mobs in the battle for gifts. There were some great deals but it was mostly for those who want to buy a TV or laptops… iPads.. those were the deals that count.

I did see people with bags of Disney items coming out of the Disney Store, but I wasn’t able to make it there, which I was disappointed. In any case, my thoughts for these events, they are great for just having fun and hanging out with family, but it shouldn’t be some stressful event where you’re going to fight over a toy or curse people out (yes, that happened to me).

“Disney Infinity” is the New and Improved Skylanders

In the New York Times in October, Disney chief executive Robert Iger hinted to the production of an unannounced gaming initiative code-named Toy Box, now it seems the rumors might start becoming true.

A while back Activision released a game called Skylanders, which looked fun and pretty neat with little figurine creatures you bought and could put in a game. From what I heard, there is a market for Skylanders, personally, I thought the creatures were cute enough, but I never bought any.

The rumor is that Disney is going to create a Skylanders type game for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U,and Nintendo 3DS to go against the Skylanders franchise. The Disney Infinity game are said to have plastic tokens that teleport iconic Disney characters like Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean to virtual worlds via a USB or infrared device, very similar to Skylanders. The idea includes a starter pack and later on “landmark tokens” used to gain access to additional levels or worlds.

If it’s not clear as day what is going to happen, I have a good feeling that Disney is going to capitalize the Star Wars brand into Disney Infinity especially after taking over Lucasfilm, let’s not forget Marvel either. I wasn’t in line to buy Skylanders and I don’t plan on buying Skylanders at all in the future, but I sure am interested in Disney Infinity— just imagining the different realms and the world of Disney in one game, I think it’s brilliant!

So you really wanted to go to Disneyland, that you faked Cancer.

I just read an article from Salt Lake City that a South Jordan 46 year old man, Jeffrey Averett, faked terminal cancer to get his family a trip to Disneyland. What is the world coming to? Faking cancer and having cancer are not subjects that you mess around with, it’s serious!Averett was charged with felony communications fraud yesterday, Nov. 15, 2012.

A Mormon ward threw a fundraiser for him last September in order to help him and his family have a final vacation– the fundraiser raised $1,700. There were several transactions at Southern California cities and Disneyland, but when detectives checked Averett’s medical records it was determined he didn’t have cancer and wasn’t terminally ill.

There has been no word from Averett.

It is thanks to frauds and scams that it is hard for people to help donate to real victims. I know it’s a dream to go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, but the best way to raise funds for the trip is by saving. You could make something for your family and friends and ask them for donations, but don’t lie! Like the saying goes, “Honesty is the best policy”.

“Electric Holiday” Barneys & Disney Reaction Blog

When Barneys New York unveiled their “Electric Holiday” with high fashion on Disney characters, there was a huge controversial issue about making the Disney characters skinny. In fact, many people called the revised Minnie— Skinny Minnie!

Wednesday Night, Nov. 14, 2012, Barneys and Disney released a collaborative short video that I thought was a means to the end of the controversy. Minnie Mouse is looking at a dress displayed in a shop window and dreams of being a high fashion supermodel along with several of her friends including Mickey, Goofy, Cruella, Snow White, and even Princess Tiana.

Photo Credit: thewindow.barneys.com

There are also several stars that appear cartoon-style like Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker along with notable guests like fashion critics and the producers of the show.

As Minnie Mouse is prepared to go on the runway, Tinkerbell waves her magical wand and creates a curtain-like transforming entrance where the characters are seen as themselves behind curtain and then turn into a “supermodel”, which to me, they look more humanistic.

Afterwards Minnie Mouse is seen again at the shop window and Mickey is holding out a newly bought clothes bag, Minnie Mouse kisses him and they walk off together. The closing scene Minnie Mouse is wearing the dress she saw at the shop and looking at herself in the mirror– smiling happily.

I believe that Barneys and Disney did come out with a collaborative view on the short video. I didn’t see anything wrong with Minnie Mouse’s dream and of Tinkerbell transforming them because although we hate to admit it, it’s true, there are only skinny and tall supermodels on the runway.

Still, Minnie Mouse fits her character when she is dreaming about being a supermodel and also when she is not a supermodel. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about being something you’re not, but at the end of the day, you have to remember to always love yourself.

Check it out:

What do you think of the short video?